For Tim Falcon, rugby is a passion, a calling and a gift, one that has been a part of his life for more than 40 years; and one he’s passed on through his family and generations of young players. The journey continues on a new level with NOLA Gold. Tim first discovered rugby in college at Louisiana State University in 1978. He played as an undergrad through law school and later built his law career and family in the West Bank community of New Orleans. He has been integral to the development of the New Orleans Rugby Football Club, as a prop and captain. Off the field, he has been president and served as Honorable Chairman of the Distinguished Field Committee.

As a coach of high school and youth teams, Tim has introduced rugby to many young athletes, including his own sons, Jarrett, Cameron, and Brennan. Under his leadership, their Shaw High School team won two state championships and a regional title. Tim was the co-founder of Louisiana Rugby, a league that develops and supports high school and youth teams. Tim has traveled extensively on rugby tours and hosted international teams visiting New Orleans. Tim co-hosted the first professional rugby match in America when the London Wasps played the Bristol Shoguns in New Orleans in August 2000.

Tim still boots up to challenge fate and continue his passion for the game on the pitch. Through NOLA Gold, he will create new opportunities for players and coaches, by using rugby as a vehicle to contribute to the New Orleans community he calls home.