Coach Nathan Osborne, a native of Australia, takes the helm as head coach of New Orleans Gold in its inaugural season. Coach Osborne brings with him a lifetime of elite rugby experience both as a player and a coach. Osborne started playing rugby at the age of four with Australia’s famous Queanbeyan Blues program, where he began to develop the skills that would eventually earn him recognition as a first-class attack fly half. Later, during his formative schoolboy days, Osborne was a perennial first XV player with the elite St. Edmunds College, Canberra, program. Osborne’s field generalship and sharp skill set earned him a continuous series of selections and appointments, including to the NSW Waratah Academy, NSW u20s, East Rugby Club, and the ACT Brumbies Runners.

In 2003, Osborne, then 23, was invited to bring his rugby talents to the United States to play with the then Super League team, the Denver Barbarians. After a four-year stint leading the Barbos at 10, Osborne transferred to Metropolis, RFC (Minneapolis), where he led the team first as a player, then player/coach, and eventually, full-time head coach. During his nine-year tenure at Metro, Osborne showed his quality as a coach, leading the squad to a series of championships and elite finishes, including 2010 DIII national champions, 2011 and 2013 national championship final four appearances, and 2012 and 2016 DI elite eight births. Osborne’s coaching success transformed Metro into a nationally recognized powerhouse and earned Osborne a selection to the USA Eagles coaching staff, where he served as the Eagles’ backs/attack coach for the 2015 World Cup squad.