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Welcome to the exclusive Golden Guild intranet – your gateway to becoming a pivotal force in the NOLA GOLD Rugby community. As esteemed members of the Golden Guild, you are not just supporters; you are key players in driving the spirit and success of our team.

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As ambassadors of the NOLA GOLD brand, your role is crucial in expanding our fan base and enhancing the game-day experience. Your passion, commitment, and efforts are the driving force behind our growing community. Let’s make this season a triumph, both on and off the field!

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Welcome to the heart of the Golden Guild – our exclusive chat platform! This is where the vibrant pulse of NOLA GOLD Rugby’s most dedicated supporters beats. This chat is more than a communication tool – it’s a community hub where your voice helps shape the future of NOLA GOLD Rugby. Your insights, experiences, and passion are invaluable. Let’s come together to support, inspire, and drive success both on and off the field.

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