JP Eloff named MLR Player of the Week | Week 9

JP Eloff named MLR Player of the Week | Week 9


NOLA’s JP Eloff earned Player of the Week honors. His crucial moment came early with his drop goal deep in the Utah half to bring the Gold’s score to eight points. Eloff scored multiple try-assists and a try throughout the match by slicing through the Utah backline. He accounted for 23 of the Gold’s points in their 46-43 win.

MLR announced the First XV:

  1. Loosehead Prop, Luke White, Glendale Raptors
  2. Hooker, Pat Blair, San Diego Legion
  3. Tighthead Prop, Tim Metcher, Seattle Seawolves
  4. Left Lock, Ben Mitchell, Austin Elite
  5. Right Lock, Saia ‘Uhila, Utah Warriors
  6. Blindside Flanker, John Wayne Cullen, Utah Warriors
  7. Openside Flanker, Ross Deacon, Austin Elite
  8. No 8., Matt Hughston, NOLA Gold
  9. Scrum-half, Nick Boyer, San Diego Legion
  10. Fly-half, Maximo De Achaval, Glendale Raptors
  11. Blindside Wing, AJ Tu’ineau, Utah Warriors
  12. Inside Center, Mika Kruse, Glendale Raptors
  13. Outside Center, Chad London, Glendale Raptors
  14. Openside Wing, Tim Maupin, NOLA Gold
  15. Fullback, Don Pati, Utah Warriors

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